Castles, Palaces and Forts

I’ve been using Hrady, Zámky a Tvrze Království Českého (“Castles, Palaces and Forts of the Bohemian Kingdom”) by August Sedláček as a reference work quite a bit recently. Rather than just constantly going back to the bookmarks, I thought I would post the links here, especially in case others were interested — it’s a very thoroughly researched reference work!

Karlštejn from Hrady, Zámky a Tvrze, Vol. VI, Podbrdsko.

The work is divided into fifteen (15) volumes, conforming loosely to the provincial boundaries of the old Bohemian Kingdom of the Middle Ages:

  1. Chrudimsko
  2. Hradecko
  3. Budějovsko
  4. Táborsko
  5. Podkrkonoší
  6. Podbrdsko
  7. Písecko
  8. Rakovnicko a Slansko
  9. Domažlicko a Klatovsko
  10. Boleslavsko
  11. Prácheňsko
  12. Čáslavsko
  13. Plzeňsko a Loketsko
  14. Litoměřicko a Žatecko
  15. Kouřimsko

Volume IV deals with Táborská Vysočina, that is, the portion of Vysočina that’s physically located in Bohemia, while Volume XV actually covers Kouřimsko, Vltavsko and the south-western of Boleslavsko.

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