Sternberg Roses

The Sternberg family is a name that comes up prominently in the history of Prague, especially, e.g., in connection with the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star, which has a history in Prague dating back to the year 1233.

Knights of the Cross with the Red Star at Dobřichovice Castle. [1]

I was doing some research on the House of Sternberg on the Lippe — they may or may not be the same Sternberg family that we see in Prague, but the Lippe River is an interesting region of Germany nevertheless. The name Lippe is of Slavic origin, from lípa, e.g., “linden tree”, and Lippe river valley of Germany is covered with obvious Slavic toponyms, including:

  • Kamen (meaning “stone” in Slavic).
  • Bergkamen (same thing, in a German-Slavic mash-up).
  • Bielefeld (sounds like a German-Slavic mash-up meaning “white field”)

The region is interesting since it borders the Rhine and is located far to the west of modern-day Slavic settlements.

Sternberg stain-glass window at the Gymnasium Leopoldinum in Detmold. [2]

The history of the German Sternberg family, and the Lippe region in general, is worth exploring in greater depth. For now, I just wanted to make a short post, highlighting the family’s coat of arms, which I find to be strikingly beautiful — the stained-glass window from the Gymnasium Leopoldinum in Detmold is reproduced above, featuring a red Tudor Rose, reminiscent of the Rosicrucians.


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  2. Image reference: [Source]

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